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The Biblical Meaning of Coyote

What is the biblical meaning of coyote?


For many of us, seeing animals is part of everyday life.

We see typical household pets roaming the streets around us or specific woodland animals in the forests and plains around us.

Yet, for some, seeing specific animals becomes a common part of their daily experience.

One animal that you are almost never likely to see on a regular basis, though, is the coyote.

Coyotes are quite rare animals in the grand scheme of things.

If you see a coyote in the wild, it is a lucky sight indeed.

To some, though, the coyote is an animal with a very important context.

Is there a biblical meaning of coyote sightings, though?

Does the animal hold a specific mention or meaning within the Bible itself?

This can be hard to understand. So, to help you get a better idea of the subject, let us look at the supposed biblical meaning of the coyote.

We will explore many of the associated biblical meanings of the coyote and what it means to see a coyote.

The coyote – a symbol of survival and powerWhat is the biblical meaning of coyote

If you were to do any kind of reading into the humble coyote, then you would know that they are animals who are revered for their ability to survive.

While they usually work in groups, they are not always going to be seen as cooperative animals.

The coyote tends to have quite a bit of survival instinct in there, so it can have a habit of being aggressive – even with those who are supposed to be part of the pack!

For many, though, the coyote symbolizes survival and the power of thriving in circumstances that might not have been possible otherwise.

They are animals that are noted for their instinct to be able to spot and avoid danger, only getting into skirmishes with other species when they have to.

They pick their battles well, and this is a big reason why the coyote has such a natural instinct to live.

They are masterminds at spotting the potential threats that lie ahead and then doing something about it.

However, some people also say that seeing a coyote is a symbol that you need to be more aware of the threats that lie around you.

Coyotes are a symbol, for some, of hidden danger – of something lurking in the shadows that might come to put you at risk.

If you see a coyote, then it is almost a certain sign that you are due a battle with your demons – internal or external.

The biblical meaning of coyotebiblical meaning of seeing a coyote

The coyote is an animal that is deeply involved in North American tribal practices.

They are seen as animals that have a long history within the Native American world, and for that reason, they are a common symbol within these communities.

To many Natives, they are spiritual animals that hold an extensive meaning.

If you see a coyote, it can be a sign of both good and evil.

To a Native, a coyote can mean one of two things: trickery and creation.

Coyotes are a symbol of both positivity and negativity and for that reason seeing one can be a symbol that you need to change and/or adjust your behavior in some way.

Indeed, in some Native texts, the coyote is an animal that played a role in the split between land and water.

To see a coyote is a symbol of either a potential risk or the need for more caution in life.

For that reason, they are both respected and feared in equal measure within many parts of North American life.

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Seeing A Coyote – Spiritual Symbolismcoyote symbolism bible

Biblical texts often refer to specific animal species in a particular meaning, and the coyote is no different.

They are seen as cunning animals who will do anything to survive, get what they want, and get through the next day.

They are a prominent topic within religion because of their exceptional ability to simply survive and escape the jaws of natural selection.

In the Christian Bible, the coyote is often seen as a trickster – an animal not to be trusted, a rogue.

They are typically seen as animals that can escape any kind of danger but can also use their trickery to lead others into danger.

As such, coyotes are seen as unpredictable animals who can be very hard for someone to judge appropriately.

However, while this might make the coyote sound like something to be feared, this is not the case in many cases.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for religious people to name their children after the coyote. A child named coyote, it is believed, will be blessed with great strength and cunning.

They are not always negative animals — many also see the traits of the coyote as an adaptable, cunning, flexible creature who is happy to adapt to survive.

They are animals who are seen as being high-energy, cunning, and capable of making do with what they have.

Thus, the symbolism of the coyote often has to do with thinking outside of the box and being more cunning than the opposition.

It is for this reason that the coyote has become such an essential part of folklore.

They are incredible creatures, but they are also creatures worthy of respect and reverence.

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what does seeing a coyote mean spiritually

So, the biblical meaning of coyote typically has to do with taking caution or looking out for potential tricks.

To describe someone as a coyote would not often be positive; though, as noted above, many see the coyote as a strong survivalist animal and someone who can go out of their way to simply stay alive.

Therefore, the biblical meaning of coyote sightings can be hard to parse.

In most cultures, they are seen as devious animals who are tactical and cunning.

In others, though, they are strong survivalists who simply do what they must to survive.

What do you see when you look at a coyote?

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