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Is There Food In Heaven? Can You Eat Pizza In Heaven?

Is there food in Heaven? (according to the scripture). Also, can you eat pizza in Heaven?


One of the most interesting and intriguing concepts from the Bible and the general Christian faith is the idea of Heaven.

The idea that there is essentially another realm out there that we cannot see or experience right now sparks quite a bit of curiosity, as it should.

Many are almost obsessive over wanting to know what Heaven is like and wanting to know what will be there and what will not.

For example, will there be food in Heaven?

Let’s find out.

The Heaven misunderstandingIs there food in Heaven (according to the scripture)

Before we dive into the specifics of Heaven, it’s worth noting that many people have one big misconception about Heaven.

You may or may not believe this now, but I can almost guarantee you have believed it at some point.

This misunderstanding is believing that we are going to end up in Heaven.

Especially when talking about salvation and the good news of the Gospel, many people get it wrong and talk about how important it is to ‘get to heaven’ and how you’ll either be in Heaven or hell for eternity.

Biblically, this actually isn’t true.

Instead, the Bible says that those who are in Christ will not end up in Heaven for eternity but rather will be on the newly created earth for eternity, where God will reign as He was always meant to.

Think of Heaven as a stop on the way to the final destination.

Depending on what you believe happens instantly after we die, Heaven is either a stop on the way or simply a temporary place that some beings are residing in.

Regardless, the Bible tells us that the final destination is on the new earth that God will renew.

What’s impressive is that this is a beautiful bookend to the story of God as it begins with creation and ends with the new creation.

Although the original creation was tainted by man’s sin and rebellion, God is redeeming humanity from their brokenness to one day recreate everything again to be the way that it once was.

It is there on the new earth that we will live forever with God, enjoying His creation and His reign and glory.

Regardless, the question still stands as to whether there will be food there, in Heaven or on Earth.

The Symbolism of Feastingfood in heaven

To understand this discussion properly, we also must understand the massive symbolism that food and feasting carry in the Bible.

To some, eating food is merely a necessity. If we don’t eat food, we will eventually die from a lack of nourishment. However, to the Bible and to God, food and eating are so much more than that.

We don’t even have to go as far as the Bible to discover this for ourselves.

We all have had times when we’ve gone to dinner with family, friends, or significant others.

Why do we eat with one another?

It’s because we know that there is something special about sharing and enjoying a meal together.

There is a bonding that takes place over food that seems special to the activity.

In the Bible, this is no different.

Food is everywhere within the narrative of the Bible. God’s first command to humans is an invitation to eat His creation.

The fall takes place through a forbidden meal.

Before Jesus is crucified, He shares His last meal with His disciples.will we eat at the marriage supper of the lamb

Jesus even says in Revelation that He is standing at the door and knocking and that whoever would open the door and invite Him in would feast with Him.

This is merely the beginning of the symbolism of food within the Bible, but you can start to see how important this idea is to its story.

Even in Jesus’ ministry, the thing that He would do was eat with people.

He went to meals in Pharisees’ houses, and the thing that got Him in the most trouble was the fact that He would eat with people viewed as sinners.

Eating meals means something in the Bible and should mean something to us as well.

It is this information that helps us understand the role of food in the new Heaven and new earth.

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Will there be food? will there be food in heaven

See, the thing that complicates this conversation is the promise that we receive in Revelation 7:16.

Talking about the people who are with God and in Christ, it says that they will no longer hunger or thirst.

So then, does this mean that there will be no food in Heaven if we will no longer hunger or thirst?

This is not necessarily what this means.

This verse simply means that it will no longer be necessary for us to eat or drink to survive.

Instead, we will be sustained in all ways by God. However, that doesn’t mean that food and drink will not be present.

It must be considered that food and drink are good and pleasurable things that God has given us.

Jesus, Himself, said to His disciples that He would eat again with them in the kingdom of God in Mark 14:25.

Matthew 8:11 also says that many will come to eat at a feast with the Lord in the future and recline with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

These seem to imply that there will be food and feasting in the new creation and that all will be able to enjoy it with God, even if eating and drinking are unnecessary.

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Don’t Miss the Forest for the Treeseating in heaven

Regardless, never forget that the point of the new creation is that we will be with God forever and ever.

Many get caught up in figuring out the exact details of what it will be like, but always remember that God will be there, and He will sustain and fulfill us in every way imaginable.

Whatever is there is good and will be the greatest thing that we can ever experience.

Keep that in mind and hold that as your hope.

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