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The Biblical Meaning of Seeing a Hawk

What is the biblical meaning of seeing a hawk? Also, what is the meaning of seeing a hawk after someone dies?


Out of the millions of animal species God created, birds play significant roles in the Bible.

God used different species of birds in the Bible to teach spiritual lessons, represent divine symbols, and carry out His assignments.

For example, the Bible records that the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus like a dove in Luke 3:22.

In 1 Kings 17:2-16, God used Ravens to feed the prophet, Elijah.

The eagle was used as a symbol of divine strength in Isaiah 40:31.

Also, the Bible used birds to signify God’s provision, as in Luke 12:24, humility, Matthew 10:16, and protection, as in Psalm 84:3.meaning of seeing a hawk after someone dies

Hawks are not left out of God’s purpose.

They are strong birds that can be easily confused with an eagle because of their close resemblance.

Like other birds, a hawk has deep spiritual significance and is used in the Bible to warn people and represent God’s plan for His people and nations.

However, it’s worth noting that hawks have positive and negative meanings.

So, the state of your life will determine what message God is trying to communicate to you when you see Hawks.

Here are some biblical meanings of Hawks.

The Biblical Meanings of Seeing a Hawk:

Divine GraceWhat is the biblical meaning of seeing a hawk

“Does the hawk fly by your wisdom, and spread its wings toward the south?” (Job 39:26)

The entire chapter of Job 39 gives a vivid description of God’s sovereign power over His creation.

In that chapter, God uses different animals to highlight His control over nature and His supremacy over man.

In this process, God mentions how He influences the majestic flight of a Hawk and how it uses its wings in the sky.hawk in the bible

God mentioned the Hawk to emphasize that He gives grace and capacity to animals and humans to perform and do things that naturally come to them.

Therefore, hawks signify divine grace to function at an optimal capacity and do marvelous things with less effort.

If you see a hawk, it means God has given you the grace to do things that used to be difficult or seem impossible.

You will begin to produce results way beyond your capacity and resources, and it will be glaring to people that God is backing you up.

Opportunitieswhat does a hawk represent

Job 39:26 says the Hawk spreads its wings toward the south.

That imagery signifies the Hawk’s ability to fly towards areas where opportunities abound.

Opportunities here mean preys that they can feed on and areas with high mountains and trees for it to build their nests.

Therefore, if you see a hawk, especially one flying, it might be a sign that it’s time for you to move from your present physical location to another place God has placed in your mind.

It may also mean that God is about to order your steps to a place where opportunities abound, just like He did with Abraham.

In this moment of your life, open your heart to cues as God might be speaking to you.

Destructionseeing a hawk after someone dies

“But the hawk and the porcupine shall possess it, the owl and the raven shall dwell in it. He shall stretch the line of confusion over it, and the plumb line of emptiness.” (Isaiah 34:11)

In Isaiah 34, God pronounced His judgment upon all nations, including Edom, that will be totally destroyed and rendered desolate, and the Hawk and other animals will possess it.

That is a sign that the land is no longer fit for human habitation because of the gravity of God’s judgment upon it.

How does this relate to you?

If you have been living in sin and you start seeing Hawks often, maybe physically or in your dreams, it signifies impending destruction or judgment because of your evil ways.meaning of seeing a hawk

As such, you might want to ask God for forgiveness and repent.

However, seeing hawks when you are not in sin might mean the enemy is planning to launch a destructive attack on a particular area of your life.

For example, your business, family, health, or relationship.

So, see it as a sign from God to be alert spiritually to counter any evil attack against you or your loved ones.

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Resiliencehawk prophetic symbol

Another meaning one can derive from Isaiah 34:11 is Hawk’s ability to be persistent even in the face of hardship.

When destruction strikes a place, most birds will migrate to other peaceful and flourishing places as a survival instinct.

But the scripture says the Hawk possessed a desolate place.

That means it can see opportunities amidst chaos and is willing to remain and survive instead of running away to greener pastures.

Therefore, seeing a hawk can signify your ability to survive and spot opportunities where others see challenges.

It might be a divine message acknowledging your resilient spirit and assuring you of a breakthrough you will experience soon.

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UncleannessMeaning of Seeing a Hawk

“All clean birds you may eat. But these you shall not eat: the hawk after their kinds.” (Deuteronomy 14:11-15)

After God delivered the Israelites out of Egypt, He gave Moses certain laws they must follow to consecrate themselves and be considered holy.

The most famous of these laws are the Ten Commandments carved on the tablet of stones.

But God gave them others, like what animals were fit for consumption and those to avoid (Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14).

The animals not fit for consumption were labeled unclean, and the remaining ones were clean.hawk meaning in hebrew

Eating them will make one unclean or unholy.

As such, they are not fit to worship God unless they cleanse themselves.

Hawk is one of the unclean birds God said we must maintain holiness.

So, seeing Hawk might point toward the fact that we might have been entangled in sin, making us unholy before God.

God might be showing the state of your heart and giving you a sign to retrace your steps and consecrate your heart.

Take this sign seriously, as it directly affects your relationship with God.

The Meaning of Seeing a Hawk After Someone Dies:Meaning of Seeing a Hawk After Someone Dies

Comfort and reassurance

Hawks are high fliers, often reaching great heights.

It is believed, especially in the Christian faith, that those who lived good lives and pleased God ascend into heaven, beyond the clouds, after death.

Seeing a hawk after someone dies, therefore, means that the deceased’s soul has been accepted into heaven, where there is no more sorrow and pain.

A place of everlasting joy, peace, and happiness.

So, seeing this bird is a comforting and reassuring message to start rejoicing instead of grieving because the one you have lost is in a much better place than you are. 

A sign of protectionhawk in the bible

Hawks symbolize power and protection.

Hawks are territorial birds fiercely defending their nesting and hunting grounds.

This territorial behavior is a symbol of protection and guarding one’s boundaries.

In a symbolic sense, it signifies the power to protect one’s home, family, and personal space.

Therefore, seeing a hawk after the death of someone close is a spiritual message that your loved one is watching after you, guarding you from evil and defending you from bad people.seeing a hawk after someone dies

This would be a good sign, especially if you had a good relationship with the deceased. 

However, suppose you were involved in the person’s death.

In that case, you might need to be careful because hawks are also predatory birds, precise and ruthless when attacking and brutal when devouring prey.

You might experience a reprisal attack as a repercussion for your evil.

Encouragement to rise above griefhawk symbolism in christianity

Hawks are exceptional fliers, known for their agility and grace in the air.

They soar to great heights and have a commanding presence in the sky.

This ability speaks volumes to one who has lost a dear one or is still grieving.

It means that though it hurts to lose a person, we must learn to spread our wings and fly above every negative feeling attached to grief. 

We live again, focusing less on the pain and hurt and embracing life’s daily opportunities.

It is a message that we must tap into our elevated power and soar high again. 

Message from the spirit worldhawk prophetic meaning

We often realize that there are many questions we would have loved to ask a person close to us who died and many things left unsaid.

This feeling can cause great hurt and make the impact of the loss heavier. But the good thing is that hawks are often viewed as messengers between the physical and spiritual realms.

Therefore, seeing a hawk can be seen as a sign that the spirit world is trying to communicate with you or send you a message.

If you experience this, simply open your heart and mind to know what is being said.

Pay attention to your dreams and what people, especially strangers, tell you.

The answers you seek might be found in unplanned conversations, media, books, and unconventional channels.

The Biblical Meaning of a Hawk Crossing Your Path:biblical Meaning of a Hawk Crossing Your Path

A call to repentance

A hawk is classified as an unclean animal in the Bible.

Unclean animals must be avoided.

They are not fit for consumption and can make a person unclean.

When someone eats it in the Old Testament, they are separated from God. 

Having a hawk cross your path represents the state of your heart and your involvement with unclean things.

It is a call to repentance, to separate yourself from sin and run to your maker. 

Signs like this should not be handled with levity.

You must be deliberate about taking action because delay might be dangerous.

The Bible says when sins mature, they lead to death (Romans 6:23, James 1:14-16). Therefore, run before the throne of mercy and plead for the blood of Jesus to wash you clean.

A warning about God’s judgmenthawks in the bible

According to Isaiah 34:11, hawks, among other animals, invade desolate places after they have been destroyed by God.

It is a bad sign when a place is lively, and bubbling becomes home to wild birds and other pests. 

When a hawk crosses your path, that’s a strong warning.

It signifies impending God’s judgment.

Do not hesitate to start pleading for mercy and turning over a new leaf to avert any form of destruction. 

Spiritual attackseeing a hawk after someone dies

Hawks are super hunters.

They are undetectable, and prey hardly escapes their sharp claws.

When you notice that a hawk crosses your path, the enemy’s eyes might be on you to kill, steal, and destroy your life. 

As Christians, the Bible tells us about the activities of the enemy.

And his prime aim is to make us his prey.

He is roaming about seeking whom to devour (1 Peter 5:8).

Therefore, when a hawk crosses your path, it means the enemy’s eyes are on you, and they want to attack you.

Follow God’s instruction in the same 1 Peter 5:8: “Be alert and be of sober mind.” Matthew 26:41 also says, “Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation.” Follow this, and you will overcome.

Freedom from oppressionspiritual meaning of hawks

“Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence.” (Psalms 91:3)

A flying bird means freedom.

The Bible describes the enemy as the fowler, a person who hunts wildfowl or birds.

Having a hawk cross your path signifies freedom from the enemy’s claws.

It means God has defeated your captor and set you free to mount on wings and soar.

 “But thus says the LORD: “Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, And the prey of the terrible be delivered; For I will contend with him who contends with you, And I will save your children.” (Isaiah 49:25)

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Paul Burge

Wednesday 10th of January 2024

A large hawk has been hanging around here since our Greenwing macaw passed away. It sits and watches us, yesterday it flew to our front porch and left us a beheaded dove that was completely stripped of all feathers. It looked like it was ready to be eaten. The hawk then flew to our tree and sat and watched us. Was wondering why he would bring his prey to us and leave it. We are feeling very blessed!

B. Anca

Sunday 14th of January 2024

Hey Paul,

From a biblical perspective, hawks symbolize divine guidance and protection. The Bible suggests that we are being watched over from above (Psalms 121:5-8), and the appearance of a hawk can be interpreted as a call to seek God's guidance.

Amber Brown

Wednesday 29th of November 2023

I had an experience a few days ago. I was coming back from the store and as I was pulling up a hawk was just sitting about 6 feet from my house door. I got out the car expecting it to fly away but it didn’t. It was like it was watching me or my surroundings. I had more than a handful of groceries and when I came back out to get the few that was left the hawk was still there. It wasn’t until I grabbed the last few groceries from the back seat, that’s when I watched it fly away to the nearest tree. I’ve asked God what it meant because the hawk was too close to not be a sign. What do you think?

B. Anca

Monday 11th of December 2023

That's a one-of-a-kind experience because wild birds like hawks are generally wary of humans and feel threatened if approached too closely. Therefore, the sound of your car pulling up, opening your car door, and bringing out your groceries are enough activities to make it fly away. But it didn't. Your experience has two possible interpretations. The first one depends on whether you recently lost a loved one or you are still grieving the death of a close person. If yes, then the hawk is a sign that your loved ones are closer to you than you think. It's a message of consolation and comfort.

The second possible meaning of this is that you are under divine protection. We have discussed in the article that hawks are highly territorial birds. The fact that you came and met the hawk in front of your house symbolizes divine protection against invisible evil. The hawk was assigned to keep watch. Also, for it to fly to the nearest tree means it's keeping watch over you, and your house is not in danger.

Vincent Capodilupo

Thursday 14th of September 2023

I see Hawks often as I live in the country and along the ocean with many miles of fields. Hawks are often seen flying and diving into the fields for the hunt of rodents and snakes. How closely should I watch the actions and flight pattern to see a meaning from God?

B. Anca

Saturday 30th of September 2023

Thanks, Vincent, for this question. When interpreting, focus not only on the event but the state of your life. In this case, closely monitoring these hawks’ actions and flight patterns is not enough. Instead, look for events and scenarios in your life that align. For example, if your relationship with God is not solid, the hawk diving into the field to catch prey may be mirroring your vulnerable state. You might be susceptible to the enemy’s attack if you lack a divine covering over you. Also, consider the people you are surrounded with. You might be surrounded by “frenemies”: wolves in sheep’s clothing, waiting for the right moment to pounce.


Friday 22nd of September 2023

@Vincent Capodilupo, I’m in a similar situation! There’s a hawk’s nest in one of the trees on our property. I have paid more attention when they approach closer to the house or at lower levels than in flight and among the trees. I don’t know if that’s correct but I also ask God in prayer to open my eyes to see any messages that might come from it. God bless you