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When God tells you who your husband is?

When God tells you who your husband is?


It’s a beautiful feeling discovering who God has designed for you to spend forever with.

From the sigh of relief that you are no longer searching and the rest of your mind that God has answered your prayer, your joy is unquantifiable.

However, it’s not yet over until it’s over.

Although God has told you he is your husband, he has not proposed or even asked you out officially.

Therefore, there is still some work to do until he finally puts a ring on your finger and takes you home.

Many single Christian ladies are stuck at this point in their journey toward becoming a “Mrs.”

This article will help you with godly tips about what to do when God tells you who your husband is. Keep reading.

So, when God tells you who your husband is?how god leads you to your spouse

Let him find you

Knowing who your husband is through God’s leadership and revelation can be exciting.

Your excitement might hit the roof if he is someone you like and admire.

The butterflies in your stomach might rampage at this stage, and your feelings start taking the best of you.

You might start trying to get close to him and giving him signs and hints.

You have to be careful at this point to not appear desperate and too forward, as it might turn the man off and force him to avoid you.

Therefore, you must take a chill pill and relax.

Ensure your future husband does the chasing and not the other way around.

Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.”

In essence, it’s the man’s job to chase after you. He must do the finding and make up his mind that you are the one.

This is a little bit dicey because you might be feeling that since God had shown you he is your husband, so why wait?

Valid. However, your future also needs to hear from God and be led to you.

When this happens, you are assured you are not led by flesh but by God, and He is at the center of your relationship.

Tell God to confirm itwhen god shows you your future husband

God speaks to His children. He is not a liar. Everything He says comes to pass. However, humans are flawed. He can be carried away and led by our flesh and desires. Also, the enemy can deceive us.

He can speak certain things into our minds, especially when we earnestly search for things from God.

Therefore, considering human weakness and the enemy, it is only fair to ask God to confirm His Word to us about His revelations.

Ask Him to speak to you again or show you a specific thing to prove that who he showed you is truly your husband.

Asking God for confirmation or sign is biblical.

For example, when God sent His angel to tell Gideon he had been chosen to deliver the Israelites from the oppression of the Midianites, he asked for some signs a prove that he was not dreaming or hallucinating, and God complied (Judges 6:33-40).

As such, do not be in a hurry. Ask God for a sign to confirm His Word.

The sign might take some time. But, if God is truly involved, He will come through.

Seek godly counsel3 ways god will reveal the one'' to you

Proverbs 11:14 says, “Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.”

You need counsel from mature, godly people at this stage.

You can reveal what God has said about your future husband to your pastor or friends if you trust them to be confidential.

There are many benefits to doing this.

Firstly, they can join you in prayers. A prayer of agreement is powerful. God can reveal things to them about your spouse. Their prayers might also strengthen your faith as you wait for your husband to hear from God and make a move.

Secondly, they can direct you on how to interact with him and draw your attention when you are already crossing the line in your relationship with your future husband. Do not forget that your feelings could be all over the place at this point. You need their watchful eyes and logical minds to create a healthy balance.

Also, speaking to an experienced and mature person might help you see things differently. It might help you discover things to fix about yourself in preparation for your husband.

Mind your interaction with him5 things god will do in your life when you meet the one

You must be careful in your dealings with your future partner, especially when God has revealed to the two of you that you are made for each other.

You must be careful to not fall into sexual sins.

Mind where the two of you meet.

Ensure you do not visit him in a private place.

This is not to sound like you do not have control over your body. But it’s wisdom to understand that you are flesh with hormones.

Anyone can be guilty of sexual immorality. But when you set healthy boundaries, you have a higher chance to keep your relationship holy until marriage.

Start with keeping your conversations holy.

Do not discuss anything sexual or provocative.

Always remind yourself that you are not married until you walk down the aisle.

Many ladies feel that since God has revealed and confirmed to them that a certain brother is their husband, it’s a license to start performing spouse duties, including having sex.

Remember that knowing a man will be your husband does not mean he is your husband.

Anything can happen.

God can change His mind, especially if that man drifts away into sin like King Saul, who God rejected to be king of Israel after committing the sin of disobedience. Therefore, be careful.

Above all, flee temptation.

When you begin to feel like grabbing the man showed you or kissing him, speak to your legs and run just like Joseph did.

Do not pretend that you can control yourself.

Sexual urge is difficult to control.

Your best option is to run.


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