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The Biblical Meaning Of The Name Rose

What is the biblical meaning of the name Rose?


The name Rose is of Latin origin, and it comes from the word “rosa,” which means “rose flower”; from an early date, it was associated with the word for the fragrant flower.

It’s a feminine given name that has been popular among girls for many years.

The name is often given to baby girls as a symbol of beauty, love, and purity.

The name “Rose” does not have a specific biblical meaning, as it does not appear in the Bible.

The Bible does, however, contain references to roses, which are often used as symbols of beauty, love, and life.

Therefore, we will look at some of the symbolism of the name Rose in the Bible, their meanings, and the significance of giving a baby girl the name.

The Biblical Meanings Of The Name Rose:What is the biblical meaning of the name Rose

Love and passion (red rose)

In the Song of Solomon 2:1-2, the speaker compares his lover to a rose among thorns, saying, “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.”

This passage often references the beauty and purity of the speaker’s beloved, who stands out among all others.

Rose flowers, especially the red ones, have become the symbol of love, passion, and romance from days of old, and even in this modern age, men use them to propose to their lovers and renew marital vows with their wives.rose biblical meaning

However, when it comes to the Bible, the red rose symbolizes God’s unconditional and uncommon love for humanity, demonstrated by His sending His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to this sinful world to die for sinners to redeem them back God (John 3:16)

Biblically, Rose transcends romantic love, which causes butterflies to flutter in the belly of one drunken in love.

Instead, it points to the painful sacrifices that come with love and passion that must be demonstrated and accepted as a price to pay for those a person claims to love.

Naming your child Rose might come from a place of deep and passionate love for that child or the mother.

The child can symbolize a couple’s love for one another.

The blood of ChristRose Name Meaning

It is also associated with the blood of Christ and represents the Passion and the sacrifice of Jesus.

Not only did God show humanity love by sending His son, Jesus, as the sacrificial lamb for the cleansing of iniquities, but Jesus’ willingness, obedience, and acceptance of the sacred duty to be hung on the cross and killed so men could live.

Jesus was gruesomely murdered, with his flesh cut open by whips laced with sharp bones and metals; His bones broken and pierced with long nails; His side pierced open with a spear, and His head impaled with a crown made of thorns, forcefully worn on Him.

All these painful experiences led to Him losing lots of blood.

The redness of His blood and the redness of the rose flower transcends beauty.rose in the bible meaning

Just as a lover has to navigate the thorns to get hold of the rose flower, so did Jesus go through unimaginable pain to gain salvation for humanity.

That is the highest symbol and act of love that a man shed His blood for His friends and those who hated and killed Him.

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” (John 15:13)

Trials, pain, sacrifices, and blood are all a part of love’s journey.

Naming a child Rose can be a way of remembering the painful experiences and the victories in your love’s journey with your spouse.

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Prayer of the righteousChristian Baby Girl Name Rose Meanings

Let my prayer be set before You as incense, The lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice. (Psalm 141:2)

Besides beauty, Roses are widely known for their lovely and refreshing smell.

That is why it’s one of the choicest flowers to give a lover, as it symbolizes acceptance and sweet memory.

In the same way, the prayer and the sacrifice of the righteous in the Bible are considered a sweet savor, acceptable unto God (Genesis 8:21).

Conversely, the prayer of the wicked is an abomination to God, full of an awful smell, rejected and unanswered.what does a rose symbolize in the bible

“The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord, But the prayer of the upright is His delight.” (Proverbs 15:8)

Naming your child Rose can affirm your trust in your spouse and the legitimacy of such a child.

It proves that the child is welcome into the family. It could also be a rite of passage for an adopted child, showing full acceptance into the family and claiming responsibility for the child.

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Purity and holiness (white rose)Rose Definition and Meaning

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” (Matthew 5:8)

One of the symbolisms of the white rose flower is purity.

That is why most people use it during their white church weddings to signify their relationship’s purity and love for one another.

Purity and holiness are core parts of the Christian faith and the teachings of the rose in the bible

The Bible describes God as pure and holy.

For example, 1 Samuel 2:2 says, “There is none holy like the Lord.”

To be holy means to be completely dissociated from sin and immorality. God is so holy that His eyes cannot behold iniquity. (Habakkuk 1:13).rose hebrew meaning

Not only is God holy, but He also expects all those called by His name to be like Him. “For I am the Lord your God. You shall therefore consecrate yourselves, and you shall be holy.” (Leviticus 11:44)

Naming a child Rose can symbolize the event surrounding the child’s conception and birth.

For instance, the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, meaning she kept herself and knew no man but became pregnant through divine grace.

So a child named Rose can be a way to announce that the child was not born out of wedlock but after the seal of holy matrimony.

The spiritual meaning of the name Rose:

Brevity of lifeThe spiritual meaning of the name Rose

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.” (Isaiah 40:8)

As beautiful as flowers or roses are, they do not last.

Today, they bloom and are in their full glory, but tomorrow they wilt and wither away. This signifies death and the brevity of life.

The Bible constantly reminds us that we are here on earth only for a moment but will spend eternity in heaven or hell. 

Naming your child Rose is a constant reminder of the truth that everyone is destined to die and return to the dust of the earth from which we were formed.rose name meaning

It is a strong message to be heavenly conscious and not be carried away by the pleasures of life but be mindful of the second coming of Christ and judgment day.

It is also a reminder that we should not waste time holding on to things that add no value to our lives but chase our dreams and work toward fulfilling our God-given purpose.

Time waits for no one, and youthfulness comes and goes within a twinkle of an eye, so we must utilize our energy, time, and talent in doing important things. 

Physical and spiritual beautywhat does rose mean in the bible

Roses are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flowers.

Giving them to one’s lover symbolizes her physical beauty. It also represents attractiveness. Roses attract bees searching for rich sources of protein and other essential nutrients. 

Therefore, the name Rose signifies outer and inner beauty. It shows that the bearer has the physical features to attract people and virtues to keep them around.

This meaning appeals to what the Bible says about the true beauty of a woman transcending physical appearance but anchored on godliness. “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.” (Proverbs 31:30)

Unrealized potentialrose in the bible meaning

A rose that has not fully bloomed signifies unrealized potential, unfulfilled dreams and desires, and untapped opportunities.

Bearing the name Rose may symbolize the need to intentionally utilize opportunities and our potential.

We are created with so much potential. However, we limit ourselves because of our environment, experiences, and other factors we consider as limitations. But in reality, we can do whatever we set our minds on. 

Therefore, naming your child Rose or picking it as a baptismal name constantly reminds you that you have what it takes to become great and successful.

It means you have an inexhaustible deposit of potential in you. All you need to do is tap, refine, and use. 

Pain and sufferingwhat does the name rose mean

The thorns on the rose symbolize pain and suffering.

We must understand names given to people are not always inspired by love or joy. Some people name their children or themselves as a reference to painful experiences.

Two examples of this situation are in the Bible.

1 Chronicles 4:9 says, “Now Jabez was more honorable than his brothers, and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, “Because I bore him in pain.”

Also, Ruth 1:20 says, “But she said to them, “Do not call me Naomi; call me Mara, for the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me.”hebrew meaning of rose

Jabez was named after the painful childbearing experience his mother had.

She might have experienced some complications or suffered prolonged labor, so she decided to name her child after what she went through.

On the other hand, Naomi had lost her husband and two sons within a short time.

She considered herself unlucky and unworthy to be called pleasant [meaning of Naomi]. She would instead call herself bitter after the series of tragedies in her family. 

Black roses are used to represent death and mourning. It can inspire people to name their child, especially those whose birth led to the death of the mother. 

Therefore, look closely at why you want to name your child or self Rose. Is it from a place of joy or pain? If it is due to the latter, then the name Rose means challenges or difficulties. 

Fading loverose meaning in bible

Dying or wilted roses are often used to represent the fading of love, the end of a romantic relationship, or divorce.

Many things can extinguish the flame of love between two people.

Childbirth can be one of them. Many relationships have been cut off because of the pregnancy or the arrival of a child.

As shocking as it may sound, most couples do not receive the news of pregnancy as good news, especially when they are not married or just starting out life together.

They believe they are not ready psychologically or financially to cater to a toddler who requires attention every minute. 

Pregnancy in this situation can cause a strain on the relationship and often lead to its end. So, a child can be named Rose to mark the end of the relationship or signify the impact of the child’s birth on a relationship.

Femininitywhat does a rose symbolize in the bible

Roses are fragile. So they need to be handled with much care.

This is related to femininity: the qualities or attributes generally associated with a woman or girl. For example, gentleness, empathy, affection, tenderness, etc.

The Bible refers to women as weaker vessels.“Husbands, likewise, dwell with them with understanding, giving honor to the wife, as to the weaker vessel” (1 Peter 3:7).

The term weaker vessels, as used in the Bible, does not mean physical weakness. Instead, it appeals to the feminine energy and aura that women naturally possess. what does the name rose mean

This feminine nature also promotes the idea that women are fragile, like the rose flower, and need extra care, nurturing, and love, unlike men, who are firm and strong.

So, naming your daughter Rose shows your commitment to treating her with love and compassion, pampering her with gifts and care to help nourish and foster her innate feminine energy.

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