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Halo Around The Sun: Biblical Meaning

What is the biblical meaning of a halo around the sun?


Look up into the sky, and depending on the time of the day, you will see the sun or the moon.

Gazing at the sun is an excellent way to simply take in the beauty and light of all things positive.

When staring directly at the sun (not recommended), it is common to find yourself noticing something around the sun.

They can almost look like halos.

What does this mean?

Is there a biblical meaning to halos around the sun?

It depends on who you listen to.

If you were to look up and see the sun with its halos standing proudly, though, it would be easy to assume a deeper meaning.

Known as a Solar Halo to many (the phenomenon is technically not a rainbow), these phenomena have become increasingly common in certain parts of the world. It is generally seen as a white ring, however it can also have color.

To some, they are seeing an aesthetic marvel – something that stands out a mile away that cannot be explained.

To others, though?

There is a biblical, spiritual meaning to this particular sighting.

If you see these halos around the sun, is there a spiritual meaning?

Some take them as a warning from God or the deity of your choice.

In the biblical meaning of halos around the sun, there are some interesting topics that are brought to light.

What are halos around the sun?sun halo spiritual meaning

First off, from a purely rational standpoint, these are illusions in astronomy.

There is not actually a large set of halos around the sun.

Indeed, you could ask someone standing next to you if they see the same, and they might not be able to do so.

Therefore, the halos around the sun are actually an illusion – they are not there; it is a trick of the eye and the mind.

However, if you look at the halo biblical meaning of a halo around the sun, you will find that the messages can become rather dark.

The appearance of these halos around the sun is an omen of an impending disaster or problem.

Indeed, the Bible tells us that we should look to the heavens for signs of God’s pleasure – or anger.

As such, halos around the sun fit perfectly into this category.

Indeed, in the Old Testament, the prophet Joel noted the presence of anomalies around the sun as a sign of impending change.

It is regarded as the “great and dreadful day of the Lord,” though what this actually means can be open to interpretation.

In the Book of Joel, though, quotes from God suggest one thing: that the sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood, upon the appearance of such symbols.

The New Testament makes a similar claim, suggesting that signs in the stars, including the sun and moon, will mean that “nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.”

For some of the more radical halo around the sun biblical meanings, though, this is a point of the beginning of revelation.

That God will descend upon humanity and act out his judgment on us all.

The science behind halos around the sunhalo around the sun spiritual meaning

This illusion is created by the presence of ice crystals that float within cirrus clouds within the upper part of the troposphere.

These halos can also be seen around the moon, especially during a full moon.

The actual rays of light which are creating the halo effect, though, are reflected and refracted on the ice.

This creates a rainbow-shaped effect around the sun, and it will typically be at a distance of around 22 degrees.

So, these are genuine scientifically proven anomalies – they do not appear from thin air, and there is a specific reason for them being up in the clouds.

The solar halo is often associated with the biblical text, though, and with good reason – it is mentioned quite a lot.

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The other meaninghalo spiritual meaning

So, another reason why there is so much discussion around the biblical meaning of halos around the sun is simple: we are set to be visited by the divine.

A messenger of the heavens will come down, and, according to the Book of Revelation, will bring about the apocalypse.

The Book of Revelations is noted for having pretty vivid imagery, and their explanation of angels descending from the heavens with ribbons and robes all around them is quite common.

However, the ice-filled cirrus clouds create the ribbon and robe effect mentioned within the Book of Revelation.

For many of the supposed divine messages that are carried in sun halos, there are often rational explanations.

People have commonly looked to the heavens for answers, and it is easy to see how a unique-looking phenomenon like this can really drive the feeling among others that this is a message from God.

Christian texts are not the only place where there is a meaning for sun halos, though.

Other religions and bodies mention this.

For example, in South Asian Hindu culture, it is believed that solar halos are the precursor to a coming storm.


Because they see the halo combining as the sign that the gods of thunder and lightning have come together.

And this has more scientific truth to it than one would assume: meteorology experts have in the past found that sun halos are typically found in the sky prior to the kind of low pressure that leads to a storm.

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In ConclusionWhat is the biblical meaning of a halo around the sun

So, the biblical meaning of the halo around the sun can be elucidated in many ways.

Given that there are logical explanations that help this to be better understood, though, it is hard to say how strong these claims actually are.

Today, it is just as easy to find a rational, scientific explanation for the presence of sun halos as it is to find a radical answer that makes them sound like something sent from the heavens themselves.

It is important to note that the biblical meaning of halos around the sun is often disputed.

In some texts, they are the presence of the end times; for others, they are the beginning of a positive transformation.

To other religions and cultures, though, they are simply a sign of an impending storm.

What do you believe?

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