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The Meaning Of Black Feather In The Bible

What are the different meanings of the black feather in the bible?


Even people who aren’t particularly spiritual or religious often find hope from the most unlikeliest of sources, even if that hope comes from a seemingly simple bird’s feather.

If you’re out and about, or even simply sitting in your home, and you come across a random white bird’s feather, many believe that this is a sign from your guardian angel, telling you that a loved one that has passed is safe and wants you to know so.

White is a color that we tend to associate with heaven and angels, so you can understand why people believe that white feathers are signs from the afterlife and are generally positive.

It turns out, however, that black feathers also have meaning.

Black feather meaning in the bible is not as frequently discussed as white feathers, yet it has deep and spiritual meaning.

Black may be a color commonly associated with negativity, but a black feather randomly appearing in your life can actually be a very good thing.

Here’s a look at black feather meaning in the bible (and in the spiritual world) and what it might mean if you encounter one.

The Meanings of Black Feather in the Bible:What is the meaning of the black feather in the bible

Your guardian angel is watching over you

Whereas a black feather meaning in the bible has a slightly different meaning, from a spiritual perspective, a black feather is actually a very positive thing to encounter.

People who are perhaps in danger or at risk may find themselves finding a random black feather in the most unlikely of places.

This feather could signify that the person’s guardian angel or spirit guide is watching over them and keeping them safe.

People who work dangerous jobs or who are especially vulnerable may find a random black feather while out and about, indicating that their guardian angel is indeed watching over them and keeping them safe.

It is worth noting, however, that finding a black feather does not guarantee you are protected (in difficult times by a higher power or divine power).

If you find one, don’t assume that you are safe or invincible, and you can therefore do what you like because you can’t.

If you are feeling scared or vulnerable, however, and you do find a black feather, it could be your guardian angel’s way of telling you that you are safe and and white feather meaning in the bible

You are in the presence of an angel

Another possible black feather meaning in the bible is that you are in the presence of an angel sent from heaven.

Similarly to how a black feather could signify the fact that your guardian angel is watching over you, another possible meaning is that you are simply in the presence of an angel sent from heaven.

The interesting thing about this particular meaning is that it all comes down to interpretation.

If you see that there is a black feather nearby, an angel could be watching over you.

Why, however, is down to you and how you interpret it.

For some Christians, the angel may be there to guide them and help them on the right path if they feel that their life has unraveled or is in turmoil. For others, the angel may serve as an affirmation that they are on the right path and that they should continue to do what they are already feather meaning

It is a sign that God is watching over you

Another possible black feather meaning in the bible is that God is watching over you during a particularly rough time.

Sadly, nearly all of us will go through a rough spell at some point in time, and for some, finding the strength and courage needed to pull us through is particularly difficult.

Sometimes all we need is a glimmer of hope or a sign that things will get better. For many believers, that sign could be a black feather.

A black feather may serve as a symbol of God’s guidance as we find ourselves going through a particularly rough period in our lives.

Whatever it is that is causing us to feel this way and struggle, sometimes something as simple as a black feather can be enough to tell us that things will get better.

If you’re going through a difficult time and are feeling lost, if you randomly come across a black feather, this could be a sign that God is watching over you, guiding you, and protecting feather spiritual meaning

It is a sign of good luck

To some Christians, the color black may be associated with bad luck.

This, however, is incorrect, as a black feather may actually serve as a sign of good luck.

If you’re out one day and you find a black feather or see one floating from the sky towards you, pick it up and hold onto it because it could very well be a sign that you are due some good luck.

We aren’t saying that a black feather will suddenly cause you to win the lottery, find gold, or win a luxury competition, but it could indicate that someone or something positive will soon be entering your life.finding a black feather meaning

It could be a sign of death

Despite black feathers generally being considered positive signs, there are some people who believe that the black feather meaning in the bible is actually negative.

Some believe that a black feather may be an ominous symbol as black is a color associated with death.

If you delve a little deeper, however, it may not actually be as ominous.

Yes, the feather may represent death, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the person that finds it will die or someone they know.

Instead, it could represent the death of one chapter in their life, allowing a new one to begin.what does a black feather mean

It may represent our souls

Another possible black feather meaning in the bible and Christian faith is that the feather represents our soul and the power that comes from above.

Feathers come from birds.

Birds fly.

Usually, a black feather will float its way down from the sky to us.

This represents the power that comes from above.

In Christian symbolism, black feathers represent a person’s soul.

That does not, however, mean the person who finds it has a black soul.

Quite the opposite, in fact.


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