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The Meaning of Alexandra In The Bible

In the Bible, the name Alexandra doesn’t appear directly; however, it is derived from the Greek name “Alexandros.” It is a Greek name derived from the elements “alexō,” meaning “to defend” or “to protect,” and “andrós,” meaning “man” or “husband.”

Therefore, the meaning of the name is the defender of man or simply the defender or protector.

Alexandra is gender-neutral.

Although Alexandra did not appear in the Bible, the name Alexander appears in the New Testament.

It refers to several individuals, including Alexander the Great’s successor, Alexander the copper-smith mentioned in 2 Timothy 4:14, and possibly a man named Alexander mentioned in Acts 19:33-34.

The meaning of the name is significant because it has some divine undertone.

According to the Bible, God is the defender and protector of mankind, especially from unseen forces.

God also uses His angels to perform this duty.

So, the name Alexandra has a spiritual significance on the bearer and people close to them.

If you are bearing Alexandra or considering naming your child the name, and you want to know what the Bible says about it, this article will open your eyes to the spiritual meanings of the name.The Meaning of Alexandra in the Bible

The Meanings of Alexandra in the Bible:

Divine protection

“No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication from me, declares the Lord.” (Isaiah 54:17)

Alexandra means you are covered by God.

It means you are beyond the reach of your enemies and wicked ones.

It means you are defended against spiritual attacks and arrows.

When you sense an intense spiritual battle around you or in your family, especially during the cause of your child’s pregnancy, you can give them this name to serve as a seal of divine protection over them.

Names are powerful and symbolic.

They can provoke spiritual activities around our lives and influence the lives of the bearers.

For example, in the Bible, Naomi told her people to call her Mara, meaning bitter, because she had gone through bitter experiences of losing her husband and children within a short period.

Therefore, the name Alexandra can serve as a seal of protection over the child and the family.alexandra name meaning

Angelic presence

“The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them.” (Psalm 34:7)

One of the responsibilities angels are charged with is to protect God’s people.

Just as the meaning of Alexandra is a defender of man, angels are to watch over people day and night and ensure no harm nears them.

The Bible calls them ministering angels.

They are meant to minister to people by providing security, even when sleeping.

The name Alexandra activates this responsibility of angels. It prompts them to appear, protect the child bearing the name, and make their home their dwelling place.

The Bible records how an angel appeared to Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father, in a dream and told him to escape with his family to Egypt for a while because of impending danger.

Those bearing Alexandra might always receive angelic messages in dreams or feel a nudge to do something they didn’t plan for.

Angelic presence also symbolizes good news.

In the New Testament, an angel brought the good news about the conception and birth of Jesus to Mary.

This is the best news humanity has ever heard because it marks the beginning of the journey of salvation and freedom from sin and the devil.spiritual meaning of the name alexandra

Divine preservation

“You are a hiding place for me; you preserve me from trouble; you surround me with shouts of deliverance. Selah” (Psalm 32:7)

The name Alexandra in the Bible means divine preservation.

The difference between protection and preservation is that protection covers you from evil or attack or stops it from happening, while preservation saves you even when it happens.

So, even if you are involved in an accident, no harm happens to you because God preserved you.

The name Alexandra can be your saving grace in times of trouble.

It can single you out for deliverance and make you escape calamity. However, bearing the name does not mean one should put themselves in risky situations deliberately.

God only preserves those who are genuinely in trouble and trust in Him for preservation.what does alexandra mean

Strength and courage

“Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6)

The name Alexandra is synonymous with courage and strength.

For instance, Alexander the Great, whose name has the same meaning as Alexandra, was widely regarded as one of history’s greatest military commanders and conquerors.

He succeeded in his military campaigns to conquer great kingdoms. He overthrew the Persian empire. He was undefeated in battle. Interestingly, Alexander was educated by the philosopher Aristotle.

Naming your child Alexandra may make them strong and courageous.

They might grow up to become resolute when pursuing their dreams and achieving their goals.

Above all, they are assured of God’s backing and help to reach the height of their endeavor and attain exceptional success.


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