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Spiritual Meaning Of Itchy Feet In The Bible

What is the biblical meaning of itchy feet?


Itchy feet are believed to have superstitious or symbolic meanings in some cultures and traditions.

Itchy feet are believed to be signs and messages to draw our attention toward what we are doing now or what will happen in the future.

In the Bible, God used unusual and unique ways to communicate with people.

For example, He spoke to Moses through a burning bush and a thick cloud (Exodus 3, Exodus 19:9). So, He can still use other mediums like itchy feet to pass crucial information to those He loves.

So, if you have had itchy feet and you’re trying to decode the messages being sent to you, this article will show you the biblical meaning behind all itchy feet experience you encounter.

Biblical meaning of itchy feet:What is the biblical meaning of itchy feet

God’s Direction

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; For the Lord upholds him with His hand.” (Psalm 37:23-24)

Itchy feet are a way of God calling your attention to follow His leading.

If you notice that your right foot is constantly itching, then it could be a confirmation that you are on the right path and God is leading you.

This experience should give you the confidence and assurance that you will succeed.

On the other hand, a left itchy foot could be a message that you’re walking on the wrong path, which may lead to negative outcomes.

Either way, be sensitive when you have itchy feet and ask God what He is trying to tell you.

Soul winningwhat does itchy feet mean spiritually

“And having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace” (Ephesians 6:15)

Jesus Christ gave all His disciples the mandate to go into the world and preach the gospel (Matthew 28:19-20).

One of the ways to fulfill this mandate is by walking up to someone and sharing the message of Christ with them.

Therefore, having itchy feet as a Christian is a call to get up and do what you have been told to do.

Perhaps you have been slow to act or procrastinate.

God is reminding you to bring souls from darkness into God’s marvelous and make heaven rejoice (1 Peter 2:9, Luke 15:7).

It could also be a positive sign that you’re doing what God requires of you.

So, if you’re already in the mission field, evangelizing and winning souls, God is telling you to keep up the good work, He is with you, and your reward is on its way.

You are about to make a mistakeSpiritual Meaning Of Itchy Feet In The Bible

Their feet run to evil, and they hasten to shed innocent blood.” (Isaiah 59:7)

An itchy left foot signifies that you are about to make a mistake.

The left side is significant in the Bible. It means you’re not in line with God’s will and purpose or have sinned against Him (Matthew 25:41). So, you must be careful if you have an itchy left foot.

You must retrace your steps to see how you have derailed from the right path and also engage in self-introspection to know if you are planning to make a decision or take an action that will cause you or the people around you great harm.

If you are already on an evil mission, abort immediately to save yourself from the repercussion.

You’re on the right trackright foot itching superstition

“My steps have held to your paths; my feet have not stumbled.” (Psalm 17:5)

Sometimes our hearts are full of doubts and lots of questions after we have made a decision.

It could be after starting a relationship or business, relocating, or starting a new job. We might be confused and unsure of ourselves.

Itchy feet at this point in your life mean that you shouldn’t worry because you are right on track.

It means that God is ordering your steps, and you’ll not fail. Therefore, forge ahead and never look back; your success will reach your hands in no time.

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Victory over challengeswhat does it mean when your right foot itches

“Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (Luke 10:19)

A Christian’s journey is not always rosy. Sometimes we encounter challenges and stiff opposition.

These problems are part of life, but we often need to know if we will triumph or lose.

Having itchy feet could mean you will soon experience a challenge in any area of your life. However, it is a reminder that God has placed your enemies and their schemes and weapons under your feet (Isaiah 54:17).

It means that you will experience total victory while those against you will be totally crushed and defeated.

So don’t worry if you are passing through a storm in your life and you have an itchy foot.

You’re about to win and have the last laugh.

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Adventuremeaning of itchy feet

“Then the angel said to him, “Gird yourself and tie on your sandals”; and so he did. And he said to him, “Put on your garment and follow me.” (Acts 12:8)

Itching on the right foot indicates that you will soon embark on a journey or a new adventure.

It’s a sign that it’s time for you to leave your comfort zone and explore new places, cultures, and people.

It could mean that an opportunity that will cause you to relocate to a new city or country will soon come your way.

If you have been spending long hours working non-stop, having an itch on your right foot is a reminder that it’s time to take a break from work and go on a trip to relax and recharge.

Spiritual meaning of itchy feet (left & right)

Think before you leapSpiritual meaning of itchy feet (left & right)

“Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.” (Proverbs 4:26)

If you are on the verge of making a decision and your left or right feet begin to itch, that’s a warning to think deeply before moving ahead with your plans. Certain steps may have a life-long impact on you.

So, take your time. Do not jump to a conclusion without consulting wise counsel and seeking God’s face. 

Many people have stepped into marriage covenants and business deals that got them burned so badly that they have not recovered from the damage incurred on their finances and physical and mental health.

Therefore, an itchy right or left foot or both feet might be God telling you to weigh your options carefully. Do not rush into what you will live the rest of your life to regret. Look before you leap.

The need for spiritual cleansingSpiritual Meanings of Left Foot Itching

One of God’s commands for Aaron, Israel’s high priest, was to wash his feet and hands before entering the Tabernacle. The implication for disobeying this rule was instant death (Exodus 30:19-21).

The spiritual significance of washing the feet and hands was cleansing from sin. 

God is too holy to behold iniquity. He hates sin and will not grant an audience to anyone stained with it. Therefore, we must cleanse ourselves by asking for forgiveness before approaching Him, and He will hear our cries and requests. 

Therefore, itchy feet signify a need to present oneself as pure and holy before God. They mean one is in sin, and it hinders answers to prayers. So, to stand before God and seek His face, there must first be a spiritual cleansing. 

Jesus is the living water and the Word of God. According to John 7:38, “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” He will cleanse us if we confess our sins to Him (1 John 1:9).

Possession of InheritanceWhat is the meaning of left foot itching

“So Moses swore on that day, saying, ‘Surely the land where your foot has trodden shall be your inheritance and your children’s forever, because you have wholly followed the Lord my God.” (Joshua 14:9)

One of God’s plans for us as believers is that we inherit anywhere we step on our feet. To inherit means to be in charge of all ramifications. It means to own investments and businesses and become a key decision-maker in the affairs of the land.

We are not meant to be mediocre or commoners who are tossed around by the laws of unbelievers who do not have our interests at heart. We are supposed to be at the mercy of unbelievers.

However, this has been the case today. Unbelievers are ruling over Christians. They are the policy-makers, churning out policing, hurting people, and impeding the growth of the church and the propagation of the Gospel of Christ. 

Therefore, if you have itchy feet, God reminds you to get up from your slumber and possess the land you are in because He has already handed it over to you.

The earth is the Lord and all its fullness. Being the child of God has given you the right of ownership. But if you keep living in ignorance, you will suffer the consequences.

So, stand up and get back what belongs to you. Have dominion over all God has created (Genesis 1:28).

Divine speedWhat does itching on the left part of the feet mean spiritually

“Then the hand of the LORD came upon Elijah [giving him supernatural strength]. He girded up his loins and outran Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel [nearly twenty miles].” (1 Kings 18:46)

The Bible reveals that feet can be anointed for divine speed. According to 1 Kings 18:46, God empowered the Prophet Elisha, and he outran Ahab’s chariot. He ran twenty miles by foot, retaining full speed and overtaking horses.

That was simply extraordinary. 

Having itchy feet means that God has anointed you for uncommon speed. That does not mean that you should do a relay race or try to outrun a vehicle. It implies that you have the grace to cover a long distance in a short time. You can start and finish projects that would ordinarily take many years in a year. 

Having itchy feet on both legs also signifies overtaking your peers.

There are certain things that you should have achieved at a certain age. For example, marriage, childbearing, promotion, owning a house, car, etc. However, you are lagging behind because of circumstances beyond your control. Itchy feet signify you will catch up with your peers and overtake them.

You will receive multiple promotions and earn a significant amount of money that will enable you to complete large projects in a short time. God could compensate you with twins or triplets if you have been married but childless.

You have not found a resting place.What It Means When Your Right Foot Itches

“But the dove found no resting place for the sole of her foot, and she returned into the ark to him, for the waters were on the face of the whole earth. So he put out his hand and took her, and drew her into the ark to himself.” (Genesis 8:9)

Having itchy feet in a job, business, or relationship is a sign that you may have to move on. It means that you have not found the right place to settle yet. This feeling comes with a level of uneasiness and restlessness. 

Not everyone is meant for you. Not everywhere is good for you to stay. Some places will cause challenges and setbacks for you.

For example, Lot went to Sodom and Gomorrah and lost everything he had labored for within a day because of the people’s sins. However, Isaac sowed in Gerar during the peak of famine.

He battled diverse attacks and oppositions.

Still, God rewarded him greatly. He sowed and reaped a hundred folds while others were suffering the impact of famine. He succeeded because God ordered his steps (Genesis 26:1-5).

Change your location no matter how comfortable you feel when God leads you elsewhere.

Follow the signs your itchy feet give you, and you will not regret it.

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